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Landscape Exploration

In order to create a successful brand, it is imperative to understand the surrounding landscape. Once the landscape is realized and understood, our team will create a development guide that will provide us with a roadmap to the optimum brand name. We do this through something we like to call BRANDSHAPE™ (Sovereignty, Hysteresis, Plateau, Adaptation graphing/Evaluation).
In today’s pluralized world with greater transparency in communication and channels of access, more nuance is revealed in the flux of social influence. The big picture is the highest resolution it’s ever been, requiring more careful and considered approaches in messaging and asserting a clear, but resonant purpose that will not get lost in the noise. Where a brand stands in this environment at any given point is key in understanding its strategy going forward.

To remain sovereign and relevant, a brand must stay sensitive to and predict the expectations of its competitors and constituents, evaluating how to adapt accordingly to optimize its value. Understanding where, when, and how to invest its capital, a brand must approach the market landscape with care and confidence. As part of a successful strategy, a brand must have the information before it can decide how to formulate actionable tactics. This is where we come in.

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