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What’s in a name?

A name is our first encounter with another human being, a product, an idea. It carries with it unquantifiable substance and meaning. As time passes, names can also signal profound changes in association, impacting emotion and influencing relationships. A name must be able to encapsulate all this and more. At Brand Acumen, this challenge is one that we embrace— with gusto.

In our culture’s quest for immediate gratification and extreme efficiency, naming, like so much else, has become lazy. Innovation is moving at an exponential pace, and many names do not reflect that sense of excitement and revolution. Instead, too many have fallen back on clichés, familiar associations and fleeting trends.

On diversity of perspective

Inspiration and the creative impulse are not cut and dry. Many are apt to believe that “you either have it or you don’t.” And while we agree that ideation is a multifaceted, nuanced, and at times mercurial force, we believe that there are at least two factors that are requisite for forming a reliable wellspring of inspiration: diversity of perspective and radical thinking.

Perspective is the frame for every story. It is impossible to have a meaningful conversation without perspective; the same is true for any art, including brands. Diversity of perspective is necessary to gather a fuller, more vibrant and meaningful picture. Through diversity we can discover the strongest common themes and the inspiration that speaks to us all.

How we fit into the brand landscape

In today’s marketplace, everyone lives in his and her own unique brand bubble. Hyper-awareness has led to a tightening of focus and niche groups stratifying away from one another. At Brand Acumen, we view this not as a lament, but as an opportunity to make our mark. And help you make yours.

We see successful brands leverage the ever-sharpening severity of social divides by delivering a simple, authentic promise that stays relevant and resonant. These brands lead by engagement and foster profound curiosity. They start conversations. They break through.

Brand Acumen believes in a name’s potential to capture lifelong connections that build culture and promote growth. It is our job to break these brand bubbles, make connections, and keep them meaningful. Our team of writers, linguists, and provocateurs do just that, encapsulating these elements in simple, yet elegant brands that endure mightily.

When to kill a brand

Sometimes the best thing a brand can do is to die.

Nothing is better for a reputation than quitting while you’re ahead (or dead). Fond memories grow fonder; equity only goes up, towards the peak of legend status.

In our society where most anything is available at any time, where we find that there is more than enough of everything, time had revealed itself as the unconquerable precious resource that it is. People are shifting to valuing experiences rather than things. Everyone can have an iPod, but not everyone can be at this place, at this time, with that experience.

Limiting the cycle of a brand gives it more than reputation; it gives it prestige, exclusivity, and it becomes a memento for those that had the opportunity to be a part of it.

Of course, if it was that easy, it would already be the norm. It requires support and a specific plan of action, informed by particular branding expertise. That’s where we come in.

The basic unit of you

Brands work today as lone arrows aiming to penetrate the highly specific brand bubbles of individual consumers. People expect and identify these arrows by the clichés they signal in the very thrust of their relay.