From the craftsmen that coined the iconic brand names XBox®, Escalade®, and Viagra®, we bring you branding – redefined. Our brand choreographers and thought mixologists deploy cutting-edge methodologies that inspire. We are the authors of the universal brand manifesto. We are instigators.

We are Brand Acumen.

We redefine the fundamentals of using art and language as a guide to developing profound brand identities.

Our Purpose

At Brand Acumen, brand creation is our form of artistic expression.

Bill Smith, CEO

Brand Acumen CEO Bill Smith was previously the founder and CEO of Addison Whitney, which today is one of the leading brand consulting firms in the world. Beginning operations in 1991, under Bill’s guidance, Addison Whitney worked with over 800 clients in 27 countries.
Bill and his team are personally responsible for the creation of over 1,400 brand identities.